Worship Toolkit
Wedding Contacts


 Rev. Bob Bond

269-683-7600 ext. 201 

Wedding Coordinator

Dawn Stanage 

Minister of Music

Sarai St. Clair

269-683-7600 ext. 206


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The Wedding Consultant

If your wedding will be held in the sanctuary, or if you are having a reception at the church, we ask that you confer with our Wedding Consultant after your plans have been made with the pastor. She will work with you and your families concerning the details of your wedding, rehearsal, and reception. She will be present at the rehearsal and help with the wedding. In the case of a church reception, the Wedding Consultant becomes the liaison between the bride's family and those who are providing the reception. Contact Dawn Stanage .

The Wedding Consultant is available for chapel weddings and small sanctuary weddings on request, but her services are not required for small weddings, such as those involving only the immediate families.