No matter what your age, no matter what your interests and talents are, there is something for you to share at First Pres! We've got plenty of opportunities to reach out to the community, help in the church governance, or to contribute to worship, music and the life of the church.

Too busy? There are plenty of short term projects you can help with; from writing a friendly card to college students to buying a pair of mittens for the mitten tree.
Infirm? Help us call or write notes to shut-ins.
Can't get out? Help donate food or baked goods for the Community Lunch or our numerous receptions.
Bored kids? We've got plenty of activities and projects for youth.

In short, no matter where you are in your life, there's always room to take a moment to do God's work in the world. We can connect you with the resources and people to make it happen!

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Community Outreach

Although the Deacons coordinate much of the community outreach work, there are also plenty of other opportunities, including:

  • Community Lunch
  • Community Connection at Cherry Street Park
  • Ellis House
  • Youth Mission Trip
  • Youth Group

See also the myriad activities of the Deacons.

Volunteer by clicking here.


Congregational Care

The Deacons  coordinate many of the projects devoted to caring for the needs of our own congregation. Other opportunities for your work include:

  • Serving home communion
  • Writing Thinking-of-You cards
  • Prayer lists
  • Congregational Fellowship
  • Visiting shut-ins and the infirm

Volunteer by clicking here.


Church governance

The Session includes many ministry teams devoted to various aspects of church governance and finance. Some of these include:

  • Worship and Sacraments
  • Christian Education
  • Youth Groups
  • Mission and Outreach
  • Congregational Care
  • and many others.

They will welcome anyone who wants to help. You don't have to be an elder to volunteer! To express your interests, click here.


Music Programs

If you are musically inclined, you can put your talents to work with any of the various music programs.  Music ministries include:

  • Adult choirs
  • Bell choirs
  • Concert series
  • Concert receptions

Click here to volunteer your talents, or contact Sarai St. Jayne.


Youth Activities

In addition to an active Sunday School, there are lots of fun activities for children and youth. We need adults to help plan and run the various events. These include:

  • Youth Groups
  • Youth Mission trip
  • Arts in the Park
  • Youth-led worship

To volunteer or provide ideas, click here.



Both the Deacons and the Session have a variety of fellowship events. In addition there are other events loosely associated with the church, including:

  • Bridge night
  • Music field trips
  • Music discussion group
  • Piano and voice recitals

Click here if you would like more information.


Building Maintenance

There is ALWAYS work to do to maintain our beautiful building and grounds. In addition to work done be the Buildings and Grounds Team (part of the session), there are lots of ways you can help:

  • Chancel guild (changes paraments and stocks pews)
  • Lawn crews (mow the lawn and maintain the gardens and landscaping)
  • Snow crews (keep the sidewalks safe in winter)
  • Hanging the Greens and Greens Take-Down (Christmas decorations)

Click here to offer your services. There are jobs big and small.


Immediate Volunteer Opportunities

YOU can help NOW!