Worship Toolkit
Wedding Contacts


 Rev. Bob Bond

269-683-7600 ext. 201 

Wedding Coordinator

Dawn Stanage 

Minister of Music

Sarai St. Clair

269-683-7600 ext. 206


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Photographs and video

Photographs are not to be taken during the wedding service. This destroys the atmosphere of worship and can be an annoying interruption.

Professional photographers may take time-exposure or photographs without flash from the balcony and the narthex during the ceremony.

Photographs may be taken during the processional and recessional. The photographer may be seated four pews from the back of the church for this. For the recessional, wedding party photographs may be taken from the narthex doorway.

All video photography is to be taken from behind the pulpit or lectern. The videographer is to remain stationary during the ceremony. Videos may also be taken from the balcony. Please do no use auxiliary lighting.

Please convey this information to your photographer(s); if they have any questions they may call the church secretary for additional clarification.