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FPC Foundation


To manage, hold and invest and disburse an Endowment Fund for capital projects, (acquisition of, maintenance and improvement) related to the First Presbyterian Church of Niles, its building and properties.

To manage, hold and invest and disburse an Endowment fund for ministry enhancement, (to maintain appropriate staffing in support of church activities, to establish and maintain programs of Christian Education and community outreach) for the First Presbyterian Church of Niles.

The Articles of Incorporation, Corporation By-Laws, Form 1023, (IRS application for exemption), and form 990 ( Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax) filed with IRS are available upon request at the office of the First Presbyterian Church of Niles, 13 South Fourth Street, Niles, Michigan.




FPC Foundation – April is Wills Emphasis Month

Live Forward, Give Forward


      Have you ever “paid it forward”? Bought coffee or paid the toll for the next person in line? Or gave a person something they needed because someone had once done the same for you? It feels good to take care of someone like that, right?

      A bequest is a simple, beautiful way to pay it forward for the next generation and take care of them in lasting ways. It’s the act of giving personal property made in a will. It’s a way for you to designate a certain dollar amount, percentage of your net worth, or certain items to be given to a specific person or organization - like your church.

      Gifts that come from wills can play a critical part in continuing our church’s mission and in helping lay the foundation for new outreaches. Planning a legacy gift is a joyful way for you to carry your values forward to the next generation. You will be living forward and giving forward.

      You don’t have to be wealthy to bless the church with a gift in your will. Small amounts can be put to good use right away, or invested so they grow in the years to come.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.     Matthew 6:21

      As a church, we believe in being prepared for the future. The FPC Foundation was created in 1957 to manage monetary gifts received by the church. Income and earnings of the Foundation are used exclusively for the benefit and support of the church through capital undertakings, ministry enhancements and various designated programs.

      Including a gift to the church in your will can help us be ready to meet people’s needs in a few months, years and even decades. With a bequest, you can strengthen our faith community and make a difference for the future.

      Consider leaving a gift to the church in your will, making a gift that gives forward!