Session is the group of elected and ordained elders of the congregation who are responsible for directing and implementing the total spiritual and corporate life of the church. The session consists of the minister and the elders  in active session. Apart from the elders, the pastors have very little authority by virtue of office in a Presbyterian church; apart from the minister, the elders have practically no authority as a group or as individuals.

The session meets as a group the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 in the parlor. The meetings are open to anyone, but only session members can present and second motions or vote.

Session members serve on a variety of ministry teams according to their talents, interests, and their call from God. Anyone can join the ministry teams, contribute to discussions, and assist in the ministry of the team. Contact the church office (269-683-7600) or the contact person listed below if you would like to join any of the following ministry teams.

 Building and Grounds

This team handles all matters relating to the repair and upkeep of all properties owned by the church. There is plenty of work for everyone on this team. They cover everything from painting to remodeling to lawnmowing. We are always looking for volunteers to help. There's a job, big or small, that you can do.

Christian Education

The Christian Education team assures the Christian nurture and instruction for the entire church family. This includes Sunday morning Christian education for children, youth and adults, as well as opportunities during the week for various Bible study and adult discussion groups. In addition the team plans and implements summer activities, including Vacation Bible School,  Down by the River Art Camp and other kids' activities.  The team also oversees the youth groups and the youth mission trip. The youth often plan and lead worship services, and the Christmas pageant is always a big hit. The team also includes the library committee and arranges for Nursery coverage on Sundays. There's plenty to do. Contact John Van Dyke if you would like to be part of this active team.

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Congregational Care

This ministry team's purpose is to invite everyone to come and share in the word of God and in the service to others.  This team develops and promotes programs that involve Christian fellowship, including special programs and events that brings the church family together. Potlucks, receptions, Picnic in the Park, Sunrise Breakfast, and lots of other events keep this team busy. The team works to increase our hospitality inclusiveness to visitors and guests. From producing descriptive brochures and visitor packets, to addressing our first impression to others (e.g. remodelling the main hallway), the team is active in many ways.

Mission and Outreach

The purpose of the team is to develop and carry out programs that interpret the outreach mission and project interest of the church. They promote various fundraising activities for established outreach ministries including the Heifer Project, Blanket Sunday, One Great Hour of Sharing, Pentecost Offering, Peacemaking Offering, and Christmas Joy offering. This ministry oversees the Community Lunches the first Saturday of each month. The team promotes the annual CROP walk which provides funds for stocking the food pantry and helping fight world hunger.

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee finds people in the congregation willing to serve as Deacons and on Session.


This team reviews job descriptions, salaries and conducts performance reviews.

Church Resources

The purpose of this team is to oversee the financial matters of the church. It reviews and discusses the financial reports at each monthly meeting and makes sure there is adequate insurance for all church property. It present the annual budget for approval by the session. The team also seeks to educate and excite members about their personal relationship with God. Members are encouraged to share their special gifts, their time, and financially support the work of the church.

Worship and Sacraments

This ministry team works to provide worship services that allow each congregant to come close to God in their own way. Worship times and basic formats are planned and discussed, and new types of worship services are explored. Communion dates are proposed for approval by the session. In addition the team plans events around special services.