Youth Group Events

Any youth grades 7-12 are invited to become part of a fun and meaningful group. The youth groups meet twice a month during the school year, starting in September. There are lots of activities for different age groups. Many of the activities are centered on community service, but some are just for fun! You don't have to attend church to be part of the youth group. Everyone is invited!

Contact David Lawrence (269-240-8700) or  Arlene Richardson (269-684-2858) for further information. Or just show up!


Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party (9)

Youth and adults were invited to Pastor Fran's for a Super Bowl Party. Lots of smiles, even if you were rooting for the Patriots.

Mini-golf and Dairy Queen


Mini-golf (4)

It was a beautiful day for mini-golf. The youth conserved their energy and practiced their green techniques. Of course, the bucolic setting included the requisite statuary. The day included a trip to Dairy Queen for ice cream.


Disc-golf with the Youth

Disc-golf with the Youth (8)

It's not golf, it's not Frisbee, it's not... Well, it IS disc-golf. The youth honed their accuracy in throwing a Frisbee by aiming towards the chain baskets. It's fun, and requires some skill to hear that satisfying clink of the chains on the basket.

The Big Mission Trip

Youth Mission Trip

Youth Mission Trip (15)

This year's youth mission trip was to Cairo, Illinois, to help patch up and paint one of the run-down houses in town. The youth also spent time with the neighborhood kids, learning the finer points of jump rope, and engaging in playground games and some crafts. It was HOT! Everyone cooled down by playing in the fire hydrant spray.

Waffle Breakfast

Waffle Breakfast

Waffle Breakfast (10)

The kids pitched in with everything from unpacking to cooking to serving to cleaning up for a highly successful waffle breakfast. Waffles and sausage were served with all the fixin's and juice and coffee. This youth fundraiser was to help finance the van rental for the Youth Mission trip this year. They earned ALMOST enough... Any further donations are still welcome! Contact Arlene Richardson.