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The Making of the New Testament

In April the adult Sunday school class spent one Sunday talking about the New Testament as part of the From Jesus to Constantine study.  With this short taste of how the New Testament was formed, the decision was made to begin an in-depth study of the New Testament as soon as the current study was finished.

            On June 11th the class began this study.  We will talk about the literature of early Christians, examine each of the Gospel writers and his writing;  take a look at writings that were used at the time but not included in the final canon; spend several Sundays with the writings of Paul and of those who imitated Paul; do the Book of Revelation; and end the course with a discussion of how much of the original New Testament we have.

            The class begins at 9:15 in the Chapel each Sunday; however, coffee and conversation begin at 9:00.  A written outline is provided each week both to assist with discussion and to make it possible to be absent some weeks and still keep up with the study. All are welcome.  Come and join us as we learn more about the Making of the New Testament.