Youth Scrip Fundraising

Scrip is Fundraising While You Shop

What’s Scrip?

Scrip is a way to help sponsor Youth Mission Trips while you do your normal shopping.  More than fifteen thousand non-profit organizations all over the country are taking advantage of Scrip fundraising, and you can too.  Don’t use cash or credit to pay for your regular household purchases, use Scrip gift cards that we get from Great Lakes Scrip Center.  All funds raised through this unique way of shopping go to First Presbyterian Mission Trips.

How does it Work?

When you use a prepaid gift card, retailers donate anywhere from 1.5% to 19% of that gift card purchase back to the First Presbyterian Scrip Account.  It’s easy and painless.

By simply planning ahead on everyday purchases like groceries, gas, restaurants, clothes, entertainment and home repairs and purchasing Scrip Gift Cards from FPC, the average family could contribute about $10 to our Scrip program each month or approximately $120 per year, which can almost pay for on-site mission expenses for one person. 

For more information on Scrip, check out the Great Lakes Scrip Center, or download a list of participating retailers.

How do I buy Scrip gift cards?

Look for Arlene or Tom Richardson at the table in the hallway or in the parlor after the 11 a.m. Sunday service or call them for a special delivery.  A list of the retailers is available for you to look at.  We have on hand some of the most frequently used cards.  Others can be ordered on a pre-pay basis.  We can have them available in approximately three days.

Who gets the proceeds from Scrip?

All the money earned from Scrip goes towards any Youth Mission Trip.  This is just one of many fundraisers to help our students who want to participate in serving the Lord through Mission work.

What’s the Youth Mission trip?

Our youth travel to various places in the US that have been identified as needing a little help  for their community.  Things our students have done in the past are running a Kid’s Club (VBS), helping with a Sports Camp, visiting the elderly and infirm in Nursing Homes, sorting cloths at a Salvation Army Store, packing toiletry bags for the homeless, scraping paint, painting, and building  a handicap ramp.  These trips give our youth, a chance to make a genuine, long lasting difference in the lives of others and in so doing strengthen their own faith.

Photos from our recent Mission Trip...