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Nursery service

10:00- noon  Traditional Worship Service

For years, our nursery ministry has provided a “play-date” for little ones while parents worship.  Currently a paid staff person serves in the nursery during the traditional worship service. 

For your child’s comfort and safety: You must sign your child in and out each week.  We also recommend that you provide us with your current cell phone number on the nursery’s sign in sheet, and set your cell phone on vibrate.  This allows us to call you if there is a need.   Diaper bags should be clearly labeled and hung-up.  Please include two clean diapers along with personal clean-up items.  We’ll take care of the rest. 

If your child is bothered by your leaving, you are welcome to stay.  The traditional worship service can be heard beginning at 10:30a.m. in the nursery via speakers or 1290AM, WNIL, on the radio. 



Youth Worship Services

Youth are active in worship! Youth occasionally lead worship in the sanctuary. These have an element of fun, but carry a deeper message applicable to everyone.

Click here for information on our midweek Kids Program